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ASH, Like a Tattoo: A work in progress by Dan Waltz

I'm really stepping outside of the sandbox I've been playing in on this one. It's not a horror book by no means, but it maybe considered borderline fantasy. I won't know for sure what catagory to place it in until it is finished. For right now, I'll just call it Literary Fiction.


To get me started I joined NaNoWriMo this year (2013). By no means is my expectations to finish this in one months time, but I will start it and see where it takes me and I'll do my best to log my journey along the way. It should be fun. You can follow my journey here or at...



Like most of my books, I start with the cover.
It helps me to see the final product as I work.
It pushes me a long...


ASH in progress



























A little sister, born after her brothers death, learns to cope
with the loss of someone she never knew in a most fascinating way.

A story of nature, love, family, strength, bonding, and death.

Brought to you with an imagination like no other. You'll laugh,
you'll cry, and you'll wonder...



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