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" far the most creative work I have read in a few years." ~ Carrie Mattern, author of All About Jane























Ash by Dan Waltz

Paperbacks are available here.
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$14.95 + s/h


Ash by Dan Waltz
ASH, Like a Tattoo
Bullycidal Behavior
Expanded Edition:
Approx. 328 page novel for all ages!

Kindle version available on Amazon

An unfortunate death, and a mother's frivolous purchase, turns a family's life upside down. A little sister, born years later, has to learn to cope with the loss of someone she never knew, and she does so in a most fascinating way. This is a story of nature, family strength, bonding, bullying, and death; all brought to you in this most imaginative and unforgettable tale. You'll laugh and you'll cry, but most of all, you will wonder.

Extended Edition will include...
Book Club discussion questions included.
Foreward: Fits Like a Glove by Megan Renard included.

***** "A unique & intriguing story centering around a family who lost their special needs to suicide. The book is about so much more than that. It's a refreshing mix of drama, the paranormal and humor, as well the effect bullying has on a person, their family and the community. Well done!" ~ Deanna Kahler, author of From Pain to Parenthood, Echoes of Paradise & Sara's Soul.

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