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Book a Paint Party by Dan Waltz

Book #1 - Monarch Butterfly: A DIY Paint Party in a Book!



Be the "Artist" you were born to be!


It’s time for you to let go of your fears and release the creativity that you were born with. Follow these easy steps within, and you’ll be well on your way to being that Artist you always dreamed of being. This Do-it-Yourself guide will help you do just that in a natural, fearless, foolproof way. In this book and in the series to follow, I plan to bring you beautiful paintings that anyone can paint in a matter of a few hours, under no other supervision than the steps before you. This is great for people who can’t get out to paint parties, or are too afraid to because they might be embarrassed of what they’ll create.


Go ahead, build your confidence, and have your very own private paint party in the comforts of your own
home with the help from this DIY, Paint Party in a Book!


Every page is filled with color illustrations guiding you every step of the way; from start-to-finish.


Pre-Order: $12.95 +s/h



Book A Paint Party, Book 1 Specifications


"A great hobby for your mental health!"



































I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember, (35+ years). I truly believe

that we all were born with the gift of art. Unfortunately, the way we are

designed and the way we are influenced by society, only a few of us survive

and continue on as an artist, but that’s a different story and possibly

even a different book. In this book I try to bring that creative spirit back

and show you with a little effort and a “belief” that you can, you too will

“enjoy” and produce beautiful art. With that said, “Enjoying” and “Believing”

are key factors."Give it a try. You'll be surprised at what you can do."




Download the Monarch Butterfly Pattern for Book 1 here.

Patterns are .pdf format and can be downloaded, and viewed in Acrobat Reader for printing.



The Paint Party that inspired this book. Click here.



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