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Here is a little story about myself and why I think my book Ash, Lik a Tattoo and this website came to be...

Yes, I was bullied as a kid.

When I was a teen, I was one of maybe three in my school who carried a briefcase, instead of a duffle bag, for books. This was long before backpack days.

I remember the whispers in the hallways and the stares I got, only followed by the giggles, as I walked past to go to my locker. I ignored them all, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that it hurt a little.

My briefcase wasn’t one of the expensive ones, like the other two kids carried—you know the ones, the cool dark brown or black hard cases that had the locking spring-loaded clasps that made those twangy sounds when they opened. Those were extremely expensive back then. Mine, on the other hand, was made of green vinyl; soft-sided, not hard, more like a suitcase with a zipper that sounded like I was zipping down my pants to pee, every time I reached for a book. Yes, it got the looks, and yes I tried to muffle the sound each time I opened it. I still thought it was cool anyway, and a heck of a lot cooler than those dirty white-strapped, red duffle bag that was commonly carried.

I was a quiet kid. I kept to myself most of the time. I did my schoolwork and had plenty of extra time to sketch in the school's cafeteria during my free hours. I wasn’t a jock, by any means, nor was I a burnout—a term used for the druggies back in the day. The school was full of them. I was a little overweight, my hair was long, ans a little greasy at times, and to top it off, I didn’t wear name brand clothing. I considered myself an introvert and didn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones that I did have, over 30 some odd years later, still keep in touch, even if it’s just through Facebook.

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