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With the exception of my size, I was a prime target for bullies. My stature of being over six feet tall and 210lbs didn’t stop all of them though. When I think back, one particular bully, who will remain nameless for now, always comes to mind.

I remember at lunchtime, I would sit and eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, from my brown paper sack, with the rest of the kids. Sometimes, bullies would walk through the cafeteria and try to take lunches, push them on the floor or even smash them with their fists, for no reason at all. After only a couple of times, I created this habit of holding onto the bag with one hand and eating with the other, so I could quickly yank the bag and it’s contents away, before they got there. This seemed to work for a while.

They tried to push my buttons to see how far they could push, but never pushed me to my limit of breaking. I always kept eye contact with them, which they hated. They would always back down and walk away before anything serious happened. I was lucky. Because of my size, they never followed through with any of their threats. Not until the day "he" confronted me with two of his thugs, while all alone in a field, while riding my bike.

That day, I feared for my life. They wanted my bike and I decided early on that they weren’t going to take it. After several minutes of pulling and tugging, punching and prodding I held onto my bike like it was my brown paper lunch bag, stared them in their eyes and I never let go.

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