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They eventually backed down and I never had a problem with them thereafter. I guess I earned their respect. "I could take a punch." Little did they know that the coat I was wearing had enough insulated padding that it absorbed 95% of their punches, and I hardly felt a thing.

I never told anyone this story, not until today, not even my mom and dad. I realize now, it wasn’t the right thing to do. It could have ended badly. Again, I was lucky. Many more like me were/are not. If YOU are ever bullied, get help and tell someone!

I'm 51 years young now and still a little overweight. I still don't wear name brand clothing, and although a slightly different style, I still carry a green, soft-sided briefcase. And, yes, bullies are still in my life, only this time, just in a book that I wrote; a story that I hope everyone will take the time to read. ASH, like a Tattoo (current version). An extended version is slated for release in 2016 with the NEW cover depeicted here on this site.

"When life completes circles, you know you’re on the right track." ~ Dan Waltz


I shared mine, and thank you for reading. Now lets hear yours. *Email your "bully" story to me today. I would love to read it.

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