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Dan Waltz has over 30 years experience in graphic design and prepress. Competitive rates $36.00/hr


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• Product/Package Design: Email for quote.

• 3D Design:Email for quote.

• Photo Restoration & Manipulation: Email for quote.

• Digital Photograhy: Email for quote.

• Consulting: Competitive rates: Email for quote.

• Webdesign: Email for quote. (see SAMPLE)

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Email for quote.

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• Book layout: Email for quote.

• E-book formatting: Starting at $150/up. Call or email for quote.

• Book Illustration: Email for a quote.

• Custom Cover Art (Computer generated or by hand):Email for quote.

• Graphic Design: Email for quote.

Art Training: Composition • Drawing • Painting (one/one) Email for quote.

• Graphic Arts Computer Training: (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc...) Email for quote.


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Paint Parties with Dan Waltz


Ash by Dan Waltz

NEW! Book A Paint Party

28 pages. DIY Paint Party in a Book!

Learn to paint the cover painting step-by-step from start to finish.

Available March, 2017.

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I truly believe that anyone can paint, and that we all were born with this special gift of creativity. From babies we grew up with a disire and imagination that craved to explore with crayons, paint, music, dance, and books. Most people let life run it's course and let it get in the way, while the few of us refused to allow society to beat our creative spirit and continued to define our craft against all odds. Let me show you how to get it your creative juices flowing again. Gather your friends and families, and lets party like it's 2017, with paint.


Absolutely no experience neccessary, just bring the gift you were born with. See actual events here.

10-30 person party starting at $35.00/person. Approx. 2-3 hours. Will cater to suit. Tell me what you want to paint and I will do my best to design a

painting that can be painted within in the 2-3 hour time-frame around your subject matter. Open to public and private events. You supply the people and the location, and I will supply the canvases, brushes, paint, easles and the know-how so you can take a painting home that you can be proud of. Email:




Learn to paint, draw, illustrate and/or computer graphic design with artist, illustrator, Dan Waltz (Dan has over 30 years experience as a professional artist / illustrator & graphic designer) Personalized Art workshops from his home in Grand Blanc, Michigan.



Author / Artist School Visits!


Invite Dan to come talk to the kids, students, and staff for an inspirational slide show and talk encouraging everyone to "Follow Your Dreams." The 45-min, give or take, PowerPoint presentation will have you in awe, and will inspire you to be more creative, and to believe in one self. “If you don't work towards your own dreams you will wind up working for someone following theirs.”

Now with Dan's NEW book “ASH, Like a Tattoo,” Dan will share with the audience his story of how he was bullied when he was a kid; what he did and where he stands now. ASH, is truly a wonderful, feel good story of both awareness and acceptance as you follow a family through trials and tribulations in how they dealt with loosing a child to bullying.

Author/Artist Visits

Terms & Conditions:
Priced at $495 per presentation plus expenses.
Ask for multiple presentation discount;
three presentations per day maximum.









Dear Mr. Waltz;
"On behalf of Armstrong Middle School, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your talents, wisdom, and encouragement with our 7th grade students. Reading Month is always an important, as well as exciting time here at Armstrong. The students and the Staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentations. Thank you again for helping us make Reading Month successful for our students."

Shelly Clayton, Reading Month Activities Chairperson


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful presentation at St. Helen Elementary and at our Richfield Township Public Library. For the students it was an opportunity to make a connection with what they do every day in the classroom with their journals. They have to write stories and illustrate them on different subjects. For them to see how you started out with your first attempt at a book (in 6th grade) and how you have progressed into a published author and artist is really an inspiration. We had a lot of positive feedback from our school and from everyone who attended the event at the library and hope to have you back again. Thank you again for an inspiring event!"
Kathleen Jernigan, Secretary
Richfield Township Public Library Board


"Dan did a wonderful job at our elementary Young Author's Festival this school year. His presentation was a perfect blend of what an author/illustrators job is like, and also how perserverance and hard work pay off. Our students were totally engaged in his presentation and Dan was able to help them make the connection between writing/illustrating and publishing process. His pleasant personality and demeanor with our students helped to make this day a huge success. We highly recommend Dan to all schools that want to put children in touch with what can be accomplished in the writing, art and publishing process and developing their skills in those areas."
G. Winther, Enrichment and Talent Development Coordinator,
North Branch Area Schools


Dear Dan,
"Thank you for presenting at our annual "Career Day" event April 21, 2005. We are grateful for your generosity and commitment to the future generations. We feel that our students are more prepared to succeed because professionals like you are willing to share their talent and time. It was especially wonderful that you shared the book you wrote and illustrated in the sixth grade. Your encouragement and inspiration had an impact on the students in your presentation. We are hopeful that the community-school partnership will continue and grow from year to year as we help lead our youth into the future."
Neil McPhee
Principal, AGS Middle School, Fenton, MI


"Your presentation was certainly praiseworthy! It was perfect for middle school kids, because you talked about the importance of following your dreams and how much you enjoy your job; Furthermore, you also focused on the importance of diversifying yourself. Your art work was magnificent! Furthermore, my daughter read your book (Kornstalkers) and really enjoyed it. The book truely came alive for her. We went to the video store on Friday, when she was about 3/4 of the way through the book, and she was affraid to go outside in the dark. We were all laughing; it was so funny! I really enjoyed your visit."
Stacey LeSage-Slaga
Teacher, Grand Blanc Middle School


Dear Dan,
"On behalf of the students and staff of Grand Blanc Middle School, I thank you for your participation in our recent Career Day program on March 17, 2005. This was, by far, the most successful Career Day we have had and the students and teachers evalutations have been very positive! Thanks again."
Norman M. Abdella, ED. D.


Mr. Waltz,
"Thanks so much for coming to see the kids at Grand Akidemy. I checked out your website and saw all of the wonderful pictures from your visit. I am Bryce's Mom and he really is interested in working for you (smiles). He Loved meeting you as did my 2 older kids. Thanks so much for treating the kids to such a great time."
Cindy Bush


"Our kids loved having Dan come. They said, "He is very talented." "His eagle is the 'bomb.'" "The
snowman was very, very good." Our kids are still talking about Dan's presentation several weeks later.
They were really inspired to draw for our art fair. I would recommend Dan for your school."
Kathie Wind, Director
Grand Akidemy Development Center


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